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Medieval Battle Axe

We carry complete lines of collectible swords,  display swords and real swords. All styles are available including Medieval, battle ready, Samurai, movie and TV, Tai Chi, Fencing, Military swords and more.

Also available are Medieval and Samurai battle helmets, battle axes, shields and bucklers, daggers and knives of all types including tactical, assault and military grade.

History buffs enjoy the Civil War and Wild West replicas including display peacemakers, muskets, flintlocks, leather holsters, decorative wall hangers and more.

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Medieval Battle Axe

Medieval Battle Axe

Item Number: MDL55095
Handmade Item > In Stock

Overall Length: 38"
Blade Length: 10"
Handle Length: 30"
Spike: 4"
Width: 12"
Blade Material: Hand Hammer Forged High Carbon Steel
Handle: Sagad Wood
Weight: 5.3 lbs.

Medieval Battle Axe: A single bladed battle axe with an overall length of 38 inches. The beautifully hand crafted Medieval Battle Axe has a 10 inch primary blade and is backed by a 4 inch long sharpened armor piercing hook. This Battle Axe has solid steel thrusting spikes at both ends of the beautiful sagad wood leather wrapped handle.


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