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Katana Swords and Wakizashi

We offer swords for sale in a variety of styles and types. Our selection includes items from all of the top manufacturers like Cold Steel, United Cutlery and Cas Iberia. The swords are separated into several popular categories such as samurai, medieval and military. We are an American-based company and have been selling swords and collectibles online since the year 2000. We also carry shields, helmets, sword displays and other movie collectibles. We securely accept credit cards and PayPal.

Katana Swords

Honshu Wakizashi Swords
United Cutlery Swords

This full-tang wakizashi is built to perform! The mirror-polished, high-carbon steel blade is full-tang and features a deep blood groove as well as the Honshu™ etch. The handle features non-slip, checkered PolyABS scales, brass dowel rod bolts and a paracord lanyard that can be untied for use as a lashing cord. The solid brass hand guard is drilled with lashing holes. The sword fits perfectly into the solid wood and polycarbonate scabbard, with matching paracord wrap, and a solid brass cord fitting. Includes a smooth-lined storage cloth to protect your new treasure. Wakizashi Sword has a 19 3/4" blade and is 30 3/8” overall.

Samurai Swords

Hanwei Wakizashi Swords
Hanwei Swords
Hanwei Swords

Hanwei Wakizashi Swords, the Sidearm of the Samurai, gets a serious update in the Hanwei Wakizashi swords. These swords have an overall length of 31 and are designed with the same blade geometry and superb cutting ability of the Hanwei Raptor Series Wakizashi. The Hanwei Wakizashi features full tang construction for ultimate strength. The Wakizashi swords have a 20 blade which is crafted of 5160 high-carbon spring steel and is plasma coated for corrosion protection. The 8 checkered Kraton handle provides a sure foul-weather grip. The fiberglass scabbard construction avoids water absorption and reduces carrying weight, while several lanyard holes and the included ParaCord provide carrying and backpack attachment options. The weight is 1lb, 14 oz which may vary slightly per sword. Full tang and made by Hanwei.

Hanwei Katana Swords

Katana Swords
Hanwei Swords
Hanwei Swords

The Hanwei Katana Sword features a full-tang blade in 5160 high-carbon spring steel, plasma-coated for corrosion protection, and a checkered Kraton handle for a positive grip. The guard and the handle feature lanyard holes which, with the included Para cord, provide a number of carrying options. The fiberglass scabbard construction eliminates water absorption and adds less than 10 ounces to the weight of the Katana. With the accent on light and quick, one-handed operation is the norm but two-handed slashing power is available when needed.

Overall: 39 1/2"
Blade Length: 27 1/2"
Handle Length: 10 1/2"
Weight: 2 lb
Blade Steel: 5160