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Red Queen Swords: Devil May Cry 4

We offer swords for sale in a variety of styles and types. Our selection includes items from all of the top manufacturers like Cold Steel, United Cutlery and Cas Iberia. The swords are separated into several popular categories such as samurai, medieval and military. We are an American-based company and have been selling swords and collectibles online since the year 2000. We also carry shields, helmets, sword displays and other movie collectibles. We securely accept credit cards and PayPal.

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry Red Queen Nero Swords
Devil May Cry

The Devil May Cry Red Queen Nero Swords are fully licensed collectibles designed from the video game, Devil May Cry 4. The popular game series, Devil May Cry 4, offers players the opportunity to battle demons using a variety of different weapons, including these massive two-handed swords equipped with a super-charged power trigger that activates a fuel injected system which covers the blade in fuel allowing it to ignite for a brief period of time. The swords were created by Fornuna's Order of the Sword as part of a plan to battle and defeat more powerful demons. The Red Queen Nero Swords were given by the Order to Nero following his overwhelming skills in battle. This authentic replica of the swords used in the Capcom video game, stretches a massive 42 inches overall and offers a 31 3/4-inch stainless steel blade (false-edged). The genuine leather wrapped grip is surrounded by solid metal handle parts. Each of the Red Queen sword of Nero is individually serial-numbered and includes a custom display plaque and certificate of authenticity.