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Swords and Movie Replicas for Sale

Sword Care, Cloths, Rust Removers and Polishing Paste

We offer swords for sale in a variety of styles and types. Our selection includes items from all of the top manufacturers like Cold Steel, United Cutlery and Cas Iberia. The swords are separated into several popular categories such as samurai, medieval and military. We are an American-based company and have been selling swords and collectibles online since the year 2000. We also carry shields, helmets, sword displays and other movie collectibles. We securely accept credit cards and PayPal.

Sword Kit

Swords Maintenance Kit
Official Hanwei Sword

Includes blade oil, rice papers, oiling cloth, powder ball for blade polishing, brass awl and hammer, and instructions.

Polishing Paste

Metal Polishing Paste 3 Pack
Price: $14.99

United Metal Glo 3 Tube Pack. Three (1.75 oz.) tubes packed in a handy shippable corrugated carton. A formulation of aluminum oxide that is perfect for cleaning and polishing any metal surface. Can be used to polish stainless and carbon steel, brass, gold, silver, chrome, copper, and many other hard surfaces.

Sword Care

Polishing Cloth Set of Two
Price: $9.99

Cloth is an all purpose polishing cloth. A revolutionary new polishing cloth that replaces a full shelf of liquid, paste and powder cleaners. Ideal for home, shop or office.

Sword Care

Multi Purpose Rust Erasers Set of Two
Price: $9.99

Erase rust, tarnish and other surface blemishes on metal, and produces a fine, brushed satin finish. Each eraser measures 3 1/8" X 1" X 5/8".